5 Whistler Biking Must-Do’s: Beyond the Bike Park

Whistler Blackcomb skiing is one of the most loved things about the resort.  The Canadian ski resort is one of the biggest and best in the world and it has brought millions of visitors to its doors each and every year.  However, skiing isn’t the only activity you can do while you visit the resort.  It’s true, there are dozens of simple but amazing activities for you to try including biking.  So, where are the five best Whistler biking trails?

The No Flow Zone

This is quite a lovely area to go biking.  However, the No Flow Zone is really one of the toughest trails there are for biking in Whistler today.  There is plenty of rocky terrain as well as lovely scenery.  However, this is really going to be challenging so beginners might find this isn’t the one for them.  If you have a lot of experience with your bike and can handle tough terrain, this might be the better option for you.  You may want to find Whistler accommodations close to the trail though because it will be a tough day ahead for you.

Danimal Trail

These are a great place to go biking today.  Whistler Blackcomb skiing isn’t the only activity here; you can go biking for as long as you want.  There are actually three trails here, the North, Middle and South and you will enjoy all three.  The amount of scenery you will see is very impressive and whether you are an experienced rider or otherwise, you will enjoy what it has on offer.  The Danimal is found on the West of Whistler.

Comfortably Numb

This is a twenty four kilometre trail and it is a hard task to complete.  If you are going to choose this trail, you are going to find it’s a lot harder to complete than what you first thought!  However, it can be a lot of fun but you’ll need plenty of supplies for the day ahead because it won’t be a picnic!  Though, you should choose Whistler accommodations close to the village as Comfortably Numb isn’t too far from there.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake is fantastic because it combines dozens of trails throughout a forest.  This is going to be very special for those who love to go cycling though there are trails for everyone.  There are lots of different trails for beginners as well as intermediate and even expert bikers so there is truly something for everyone.  Of course, this is close to the Whistler Village so you may want to consider Whistler accommodations close to this trail.

Cheakamus Lake Trail

Those who love to unleash their mountain bikes will love the Cheakamus Lake trail.  This is a very lovely and impressive trail for any cyclist.  This is going to have a lot of rugged territory as well as a lot of ground to cover.  If you choose this option you will see an array of amazing sights and scenery which is of course, very important for you!  You can cruise along the tracks and enjoy what is on offer.  Whistler Après-ski is really impressive as is the Cheakamus Lake trail.

Which Trail Is For You?

To be honest, Whistler does have some impressive biking trails to choose from and you are going to enjoy them all!  However, you do need to be a little wise and choose the trails which are suitable for you.  For example, if you aren’t able to handle the rugged terrain then the Danimal Trail might not be for you.  There is however, plenty of challenging biking trails for you to try and you are surely going to love them all.  You should remember, however, to choose Whistler accommodations close to the village so you aren’t travelling far.

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