Winter Buyer’s Guide: The Best Gear Of 2015

The Best Gear Of 2015

As you are heading out for of your downtown Jackson Hole Hotels and heading for the ski slopes, one of the most important things for you to know is what is the best kind of gear for you to have. When the ground is covered with snow, the air is cold and crisp, staying warm and having the proper gear is vital to the survival of even the most expert skier. You must have not only the proper skis and poles and that type of equipment for you but you must have other protective gear to keep you warm and keep your hands and feet from getting frost bite.

Selecting The Proper Skis

According to the winters buyers guide some of the best boards of 2015 are the ones with an upward bent on the tips and tails. These use to be looked at as good for powdery snow skiing, but now because of their ease of making the turns are being looked at as one of the most popular types of skis.

According to the winters buyers guide, some of the top ski’s that are available in today’s market are the Ritual which comes in at a cost of $800.00 to the consumer. These skis were introduced last winter and have rapidly outperformed the rest on the powdery snow with the ability of a better glide. Another contender for the hard snow was the Katana which will cost the consumer $1,275.00 but has been classified as the best carbon ski that was tested.

Other Vital Equipment For The Slopes

• Quality boots such as the Apex that come in at $895.00
• Goggles such as the Linx that comes in at $160.00 are known for not fogging and the
comfort to the skier
• A warm but lightweight jacket like the The North Face that will cost the consumer $499
but comes in tops with comfort and warmth
• Choosing a protective helmet needs to be comfortable and fits properly like the
Mashman that comes into the consumer for $170.00

Hitting The Slopes

As a skier, even if you are skiing at Mont Tremblant, you know the importance of having the correct equipment when hitting the slopes. This could mean the difference of a successful skiing day or one that could end in disaster. An expert skier knows the difference that the right skis will make, depending on the conditions of the slope. If the snow is a powdery snow he will want different skis than if he was skiing on on a harder packed snow.

The Best Gear Of 2015

He also knows that with the cold temperatures that he will be skiing in, that he needs the proper protective gear to keep him warm. Not wearing the proper insulated boots and gloves he risks getting frost bite to his toes and fingers. After a hard day on the slopes he will look forward to enjoying his relaxing evening in his Whistler condo rental that he has chosen for his ski weekend getaway.

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